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The Sporting News College Football

The Sporting News College Football Yearbook
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Charlotte, NC, 28202-1844
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Rating: 44

$7.99 [1], 212 pp.
Year reviewed: 2013

[1] Cost is higher (including shipping) when ordered from the web site.

Overview: Several years ago, The Sporting News merged with Street & Smith. The periodical retained the The Sporting News title on the cover, however its format was closer to Street & Smith than to pre-merger The Sporting News.

Some top teams two pages of coverage. All other AQ teams get one page, some top non-AQ teams (such as Northern Illinois) get a full page. A majority of non-AQ teams get ½ page. For example, Clemson and Florida State have two pages, but the other four teams in their division get one page each). TSN has been a well below-average predictor over the last 5 years. TSN has inherited Street & Smith's coverage of FCS; it's better and more extensive than any other major magazine.

Per-team information: A full page for many FBS teams. Roughly half of the page is devoted to discussion of prospects for the coming season, one section discussing each of offense and defense. Also on the page is a list of projected starters and schedule. For teams that only get a half-page, the discussions are shorter.
In past years, some teams got 1/3 of a page. The minimum for any FCS team is now ½ page, and that space seems to have come by taking away some national coverage.

Per-conference information: A few paragraphs discussion of the conference race, a predicted order of finish, rating of recruiting classes, and an "all-conference" team.

National information: there are three-deep all-America lists. The national preview section includes a top 25 list with a few sentences of commentary per team.

Recap (previous year) information: Street & Smith had, and The Sporting News now has, one of the better "previous year recap" sections. It is one of the few magazines to give standings of all conferences (FBS, FCS, Divs II, and III), including teams' conference and overall records. There are also a few pages of FBS/FCS team and individual statistics. All of the bowl game results and other divisions' playoff results (NCAA and NAIA) are given. However, game scores are only given for opponents on the current year's schedule also played in the previous year.

FCS information: One page per FCS conference, 14 pages total. The Sporting News also has a few pages for Division II and Division III.

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