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Preseason magazine review notes

This year, the magazines are rated in several separate categories (for example: past prediction accuracy, quality of information, quantity of information). The categories are assigned various weights, and the weighted ratings are combined into a total score. The total score is turned into an overall rating. The overall ratings are computed partially "on a curve." (For that reason, the overall score of a magazine depends on the distribution of weighted totals of all magazines. Thus, there is not a simple mathematical formula to derive the overall score from the individual scores of a single magazine.)

Note: I grade the magazines on the features which are important to me. This does not mean that the same features will be important to you. Hopefully the reviews (especially the detailed information on each magazine) supply enough information that you can pick out the magazines that you will like best -- even if your priorities do not match mine.

Rating Categories

In the first table (ratings) the magazines are rated in several categories. Each category is scored zero to four stars.

Note: Since some of these ratings are scored relative to all magazines, they can change as data for more magazines are entered. (For example: the at the end of June, the most expensive magazine that I found that month would rate zero stars for price. But if many of the magazines found in July and August turned out to be even more expensive than that, its price rating would have to be adjusted upwards.)

Feature Categories

In the second table, an overview of the magazines' features is given. The meaning of values in the fields vary, and are discussed below.

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