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Harris' College Football 2015 Preview

Harris Publications
Web Site:
Rating: 41

$12.99, 354 pp.
Year reviewed: 2015

Overview: Harris claims "22 years experience" on their cover, but this is the first year I've seen the magazine, and other than a generic publisher's web site (linked above) that hasn't been udpated to reflect the existence of this magazine, Harris doesn't seem to have much of an online presence. The publication itself seems geared towards the same niche that Jim Feist used to occupy -- i.e., gambling-related statistics.

With a hefty price tag and an immense page count, Harris contains a ton of statistical information. It lacks a lot of the common features (unit rankings, all-conference and all-America player lists, and such) shared by most other preseason magazines. The text dicussion is abbreviated (half as many words per team as Lindy's for example) but what information is present is of reasonable quality. If Harris sticks around, once they get a score in my system for prediction accuracy, they'll jump quite a ways up the rankings.

Per-team information: All I-A teams get two full pages of coverage. About 1/3 of the first page is devoted to the current year's schedule and prior year's statistical rankings. The remaining 2/3 of a page covers the prior six years' worth of games with pointspreads and results. About half of the second page is devoted to discussion of prospects for the coming year (broken up as: running game, passing game, rushing defense, passing defense, and special teams). The remainder of the second page is prior years' statistical leaders and a picture. The text is not terribly detailed, but does appear to account for the results of spring football.

Per-conference information: At the start of each conference's section there are two pages per conference with a predicted order of finish, with a paragraph of text for each team (that is a slightly abbreviated copy of the "forecast" text on the team's own page), and some team statistical rankings from the prior year. At the end of each conference's section there are six pages of statistical leaders from the prior year.

National information: A top 20 list presented without commentary.

Recap (previous year) information: All game scores from the prior year on each team's page.

FCS information: None.

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