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Football Action 2002

Sports Eye, Inc.
18 Industrial Park Drive
Port Washington, NY 11050.
Rating: 39

$6.99, 194 pp.
Year reviewed: 2003

Overview: Football Action contains some gambling-related statistics, but not as much useful data as, say, Jim Feist's. Football Action is about average for prediction accuracy (there's not a multiple-year history because I never found the 2001 issue). The issue is split between college and NFL, with the NFL getting just over half of the page count.

Per-team information: All I-A teams get a half page each, but with the large format of the magazine that is equivalent to a full page. Includes: several paragraphs on offensive and defensive prospects for the coming year; current year's schedule with game times; previous year's pointspreads and final scores, and some season statistical data. The discussion is fairly detailed, and appears to incorporate the results of spring football.

Per-conference information: Coverage is just a predicted order of finish and the previous year's standings, without commentary.

National information: first-team all-America list with a paragraph discussion per player, and a second-team without comment. There is a national top 20 with several paragraphs devoted to each team.

Recap (previous year) information: in each individual team's section are previous year's game scores and pointspreads, and some statistics.

Division I-AA information: conference predictions and team comments (shorter than for I-A teams) are given for members of the Atlantic 10, Ivy League, Big Sky, and Southern Conferences. No other I-AA teams and conferences are mentioned.

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