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ATS Consultants' Ultimate Football Annual

ATS Communications
1498 M. Reisterstown Road, Suite 777
Baltimore, MD 21208
Web Site:
Rating: 62

$7.99, 256 pp.
Year reviewed: 2006

Overview: ATS Consultants is a dollar more expensive this year, and eight pages longer -- though the format is the same and the extra pages appear to be mostly ads (over 50 pages of ads in this year's issue). It has good quantity of information, decent "recap" information, and a reasonable price. The main knock against ATS is that their recent prediction accuracy is fairly low -- dead last out of 8 publications over the last three years. Also, the discussion contains no apparent updates for results of spring football.

Per-team information: One full page per team, containing a few sentences on each unit, previous three years' game results and pointspreads, and some individual and team statistics.

Per-conference information: one full page. Previous year's standings are given. Also: predicted order of finish with projected overall records, a one-deep all-conference team, and a three-deep "best units" list.

National information: national top 33 ranking with short commentary on each team, Heisman forecast (20 players listed), top 5-10 players per position and top 10 units. A one-deep all-America team is presented, conferences ranked by strength.

Recap (previous year's) information: In each team's section, there is per-game team statistical information (e.g., total rushing yards gained and given up) and scores of the previous year's games with pointspreads. In each conference's section, previous years' standings are given. In the national section, final polls and bowl results are given. At the end, NCAA team and individual statistical rankings are given.

Division I-AA information: None.

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