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Athlon Sports (National Edition)

Athlon Sports
220 25th Avenue North, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37203.
Phone: 615-327-0747 (no phone orders)
Web site:
Rating: 53

$7.99, 184 pp.
Year reviewed: 2013

Overview: Athlon is similar to Lindy's preview, though lighter on feature articles. The page count has held steady over the past several years at 192 pp. Athlon is one of the earliest magazines available, but appears to manage the feat by not accounting for spring football results. Athlon's prediction accuracy is decent (third to Phil Steele and GamePlan) among magazines over the last five years.

Per-team information: all I-A teams get a full page of coverage. The bulk of each team's page is a discussion of prospects for the coming year, mostly mentioning players lost from the previous year and returning starters. The discussion covers mostly players lost and starters who were known quantities the previous year. There is a projected two-deep with returning starters marked. Schedule, previous year's results, and previous year's statistical rankings are given.

Per-conference information: All conferences get a full page of coverage, with a two-deep all-conference list, unit rankings, and a predicted order of finish (without commentary).

National information: three teams' worth of all-America picks; ten-deep "best units" list, of which places 1-5 get a short discussion; a complete ranking of all I-A teams.

Recap (previous year) information: previous year's schedule, results, and statistical standings, listed on each team's page.

Division FCS information: None.

Miscellaneous: There are six pages of recruiting info. It includes a list of the recruiting classes by conference, the top 10-40 recruits in each conference, and the top 100 recruits overall.

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